Something New from Daniel Wellington: The Classic Black Watch & Cuff

Hey there lovelies,

I bet you already know of my Daniel Wellington Watch obsession seeing as I wear my first piece all the time and with almost every outfit on this blog. Plus, I may have gushed a little too much about it in this post. 😀

And just when I thought I had seen all the minimalist goodness that DW had to offer, they launched a new line of watches aptly named The Classic Black and I am once again reminded of my love for the brand.

Then, as if they had been reading my mind -because I’d had my eye (and heart) on the Classic Black range for a while now, – the people of DW reached out to me to get a piece of the classic black watch and share my experience with you.

They also launched a range of minimal accessories which they also call The Classic Cuff to go with the watch. Yall know what that means….wrist candy game on fleek! 😉 

Wait, is “on fleek” still in? Am I getting old? 

I love it when a brand responds to the way customers use their products which I feel is what DW did with the release of the wrist cuffs. People love to stack jewellery with their watches!

The watch and cuff came in beautiful packages as expected. So pretty, I can’t bring myself throw them away and I received them about three weeks ago. I am still looking for an opportunity to recycle them as gift boxes, so help me God.

Oh, and unlike my last DW piece, I decided to borrow from the men this time and opted for the 40mm Classic Black Sheffield in Rosegold. A decision that I am very pleased with. Initially to be honest, when I received it, I felt the 40mm was a little too big for my small wrists but then I wore my cuff with it and that just balanced it out nicely. 

In my books, this new watch and cuff set is the true definition of “sitting pretty”. Have you ever been tempted to wear two watches at a time? No? Just me? 

Mama, look! Your baby girl is growing a DW haul. 😂Can’t pick a fave!

If minimalism in accessories is your thing, then you should definitely be getting yourself a DW watch. And because of how beautifully it is packaged, it is perfect as a gift to a loved one. Oh hey there, ladies who haven’t gotten bae a valentine gift! Here’s your chance to make it up! 😉

My Classic Black Sheffield watch currently retails for $229 but their watches generally price from about $135 dollars. The classic cuff also costs $59 and I chose the Classic Cuff Rosegold in “small”, which fits my wrists perfectly. Now, I know this is a bit pricey with our exchange rate and what not, but trust me guys, it’s totally worth it. And to help you guys right along, I have teamed up with Daniel Wellington to give you a whopping 15% off your next DW purchase if you use my special discount code MojiDW at check-out. 🙂

Once again, you can get my new watch here, my old one (which was about $200) here and my cuff here!

You can also follow Daniel Wellington on Instagram here for some seriously swoon-worthy photos. Seriously.

Talk to y’all pretty soon. Please don’t forget to let me know what you think of this post and of course, my watch in the comments below. 🙂

To learn more about Daniel Wellington, check out my first review of their watches. 😘

Love and love,


*This post was sponsored by Daniel Wellington but opinions are 100% mine.

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