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My people! How body?

Was tempted to start this post with something along the lines of  “In the beginning….” but decided instead to use my first Pidgin English intro ever on the blog. New Year, new system or wah! Lol.

Oh my,  how much I’ve missed this space.  This is officially my first post this year. Is it too late to say happy New Year? I think not. Happy New Year darlings, I’ve missed you so much.

While I want to cover my face in shame for being away for so long, I won’t because I’m quite proud of what I’ve been up to lately. I promise once you find out, you guys would be proud of me too. I’ve been up to so much since my last post on here that I had to take a break from blogging to avoid burning out. But this isn’t the post fill you guys in on that. That’s coming pretty soon. 😉

My favourite picture of the shoot!

This post is really all about a brand I just found/met: Jenesis Accessories and it’s been a long time coming. Apologies for the delay, dear good people of Jenesis Accessories. Now my post title finally makes sense, doesn’t it? 😀 Plus the title made double sense in my head seeing as it was my first post of the year and what not. But then my best friend (who is fighting me right now by the way) always says, if you have to explain a title to people, it probably isn’t that good. So, there. Explained eeet. Moving on. :p

Anyway,  you guys already know that I live for affordable brands and one of the reasons I was excited to work with Jenesis Accessories was because of their affordability. I chose this particular neckpiece set because I really wanted something with “statement” but not overly loud so I could get the most wear out of it.

And that plan’s been working so far because I’ve styled it casually here on my Instagram and also glamorously a la this post which I really hope you guys like. Drop me a line below if you do, okay? Mwah!

My necklace also comes with earrings and retailed for 5k and is currently sold out on their site, but here is a similarly gorgeous one which you can get for just 6k, also on their site. Or you can just find and DM them on Instagram here to order. Lots of cute stuff they’ve got people.

You must have seen this burgundy off shoulder top here in this post about my first event planning experience and here too but how I styled it in this post is still my favourite way so far. Oh yeah, and look who just got her first pair of Palazzo pants. I call myself The Palazzoist now by the way, just FYI. I’ve been wanting a pair forever and then a kind friend of the brand and sister gifted me this. Glory be to the gods of style. I’ve styled it more casually here on my Instagram and I quite liked the outcome over there so please check it out too.

PS: If you’ve ever wondered how to style palazzo pants, simply try it with all the off shoulder and camisole tops you own till you find “The One” then finish off with accessories. You’re Welcome. 😀

By the way, this long absence just made me realise we haven’t yet discussed such things as resolutions and wishes for the new year (both silly and serious ones) and I’m just wondering if it’s not too late in the year to share such posts especially as I have quite a few of them (mostly the silly ones) sitting pretty in the notes app on my phone. Let me know if you’d like to see them. 😀

How have you been doing so far with your new year goals though? Please remember to go at your own pace and don’t compare your “Genesis” to someone else’s “Revelation”. Cheesy ending, I know. Cheesy sort of been my thing lately. 😀

Love and love,


*This post was sponsored by Jenesis Accessories

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8 thoughts on “Outfit || In The Book of Jenesis 

  1. Moji where have you been? We have definitely missed you on this space. Pls give us an update, I really miss reading all your posts.
    My Style Look Book Series


  2. This post was fun as usual. Love the whole outfit. Totally something I’d wear. Neckpiece is cute.
    4 Secondary School Habits that never left (+2 I wish stayed)


  3. This look and the heart details in the necklace totally gives me Valentine Date Night vibes. Looking great as always, Moji!

    The YC blog || Bloglovin’
    3 Classy Ways To Style Ripped Jeans


    1. Oh wow, totally never thought of a Valentine’s Day connection. Thanks for your lovely comments dear.


  4. Interesting, “don’t compare your “Genesis” to someone else’s “Revelation”


    1. Hahahahaa. Thanks Patrick. ☺


  5. I love the look and the neckpiece. Its so simple and beautiful http://www.adagirl.com.ng


    1. Thanks Ada.
      “Simple and beautiful” warm my heart so. ☺


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