2016 Style Recap: My Top 11 Favourite Looks

2016 Style Recap

Oh wow! What a lovely year it’s been here on this blog and you guys totally made it so. Thank you or reading, liking, commenting, subscribing and sharing. Y’all made my 2016 awesome! šŸ™‚

It’s been absolutely beautiful sharing my style with you guys all through the year and to cap it all off I decided to share my favourite looks this year. Plus, I finally caught the “reflective bug” I was complaining about in this post and I’m feeling all mushy and reminiscent. Guess who has fresh content plans for the new year?! šŸ˜‰

Anyways, I thought sharing my favourite looks of the year would be fun for two reasons: to examine my style evolution and to take a closer looks at the things that excite me.

So, here are my favourite looks in no particular order of preference. Get ready for a ton of pictures guys! :*

PS: There’s a beautiful story accompanying each of these outfit posts, tap the titles to read them. šŸ˜‰

1. Finding Colour As The Year Thins Out


2. Off With The Sleeves

3. The Chairlady

4. My Birthday Outfit


5. Nude Tones

6. Quintessence Fair 2.0

7. This is Lagos!

8. My Father’s Hat

9. Drippin’ In Red

10. Asoebi On A Budget

11. Tarkwa Bay Chillin’

And there we have it!

Which of these looks is your favourite? Also, do you have any new year resolutions? Do share with me in the comments. :*

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I am so looking forward to a bigger, better and awesome-r 2017.

See you next year darlings.



7 thoughts on “2016 Style Recap: My Top 11 Favourite Looks

  1. The chair lady was the first post I read on your blog and I admired the idea of taking out the chair to the street. Talk about being creative. Love all the outfits and you killed all of them with that body. I couldn’t help but admire the wedding setup. Too beautiful.

    Have a great year dear!

    5 things to consider before your start a blog


  2. its lovely and inspiring…..


  3. All the titles are so apt and interesting. I love how fierce you look in the first picture up there of your birthday outfit. Honestly can’t pick a fave. Happy New Year dear.
    A Retrospective Account of 2016!


    1. Happy New Year Olaitan! Thank you for all the love in 2016 . Awwwww…thanks@ fierce look and titles.


  4. Cute outfits.
    You look so elegant in the ‘This is Lagos’ post
    happy new year sweetheart



    1. Awwwww…. Thanks dear . Happy New Year to you too.


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