10 Budget-Friendly Activities for the Holiday Season

Want to have fun this holiday season on the “cheap”? These activities are right up your alley. 😉

1. Host A Movie Night with Friends

Watching a movie is fun but watching in a group? Double fun. Why else do you think cinemas make so much money???? (Well apart from the fact that they have such big screens). Simply pick a date, (check with your friends first), get your friends to vote for the movies they’d like to watch (this can be easily accomplished via a Whatsapp group) and get some popcorn. To save extra cash, get everyone to come with snacks and/or drinks to share. After all, you’re going to be fueling the generator (if you’re Nigerian, that is). 😀

PS: It just struck me that this could be a monthly friendship ritual. Friends could take turns hosting month after month, Brilliant! You’re welcome guys. :p

2. Attend Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are often joyful. And one great thing about them is that they are usually free to attend! I’m sure by now, one or two of your friends have invited you to their church’s Christmas carols. Just accept one or two of those invitations and be sure to wear a Santa hat. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see the classic nativity play. And if your luck is very strong, they will share Jollof rice afterwards.

3. Volunteer

Christmas is definitely the season of giving and happiness and there’s nothing more heart warming than contributing to other people’s happiness whether directly on indirectly. Do a little research on places where you can offer volunteer services: orphanages, old peoples’ homes, Motherless babies homes, hospitals etc and go lend a helping hand.

PS: The last time I tried to volunteer at an orphanage in Lagos, I was told that I needed to have filled a volunteer form earlier, so you may want to check that.

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4. Craft DIY Christmas Gifts

If you still haven’t bought Christmas gifts for your loved ones (me!), probably because of money and/or poor planning (me again!), the good news is you can try last minute hand made gifts (okay, maybe not me ’cause I suck at DIY). I think it’s really sweet to make something with your hands just to gift someone. Something about the labour of love…

So if DIY your thing, awesome! Here are some ideas you’ll probably love. Even if you screw up (read: hilarious Pinterest fails), you can laugh at yourself and share your fails on social media. So either way, it’s a Christmas win.

5. Go Somewhere in Your City that You’ve Always Wanted To Go

So I met someone who’s lived in Lagos all his life and has never been to the national stadium. Trust your girl to give him the most intense “are you kidding me???” look he has ever received in his life. So you see, this doesn’t have to be anything expensive or outlandish: it could be an art gallery, the museum, a local play house, an ancient book store, anywhere! If I hadn’t visited Freedom Park for the first time about three months ago, it would have been high up there on my to-visit list this holiday season. And yeah, I got that look too when my arty friends learnt I hadn’t visited Freedom park.

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6. Plan A Picnic Hangout

Last Christmas holiday, some friends and I contributed money and planned a picnic hangout at Tarkwa Bay. Ah, good timesss….Might be a good idea to try something similar and it doesn’t have to be at a beach. With good music and outdoor games, you’ll be sure to have a great time! PS: You might want to avoid the beaches in Lagos on major days like Christmas day and the day after unless you love a crowded beach.

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7. Read those Books You’ve Been Collecting All Year

Ah yes, those of us who spend six months reading half of one book and so piously blaming it on our tight work schedules (me!). God is watching us. Remember your new year resolution of reading 12 books in 2016? It’s not too late to catch up. 😉 Here’s an amazing book I’m recommending: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (Yes, not Art of War).

8. Visit Friends and Relatives

A lot families have mini parties going on in their homes almost every day around Christmas. There’d be food aplenty and those big chickens ain’t gonna eat themselves, you know? Just make sure you call before visiting because some people hate surprise visits. By the way, Who remembers those days when the adults in the house used to “dash*” us kids Christmas money? Now I go visiting and the kids are looking at me and expecting me to drop “something”. I’m like….uhmmm…I’m one of you, bruh! When did all this growing up happen? Do you still receive Christmas money? Yes? Will your family be interested in adopting me? At least just until 31st December?

9. Take A City Lights Tour

It’s simply driving around the city, looking for interesting Christmas lights to be awed by. Anyone who lives in Lagos knows that Ajose Adeogun road on Victoria Island is lit (literally) by this time of the year. Remember to take pictures, that’s Instagram content right there, fam! 😉

How cute is this puppy?

10. Get Some Rest

In all my years of observing the Christmas holiday season, I have come to the conclusion that it is the most fleeting period of the year. Like, I swear it was the 1st of December like 5 minutes ago. Morale of this age old wisdom? Don’t put off resting as something you’ll come around to doing because that time will never come, trust me. So if you have to, tick days on your holiday calendar to kick off your shoes (assuming you wear shoes inside your house) and just rest. Your body will thank you.

On a final note, where is our Harmattan?????

On a final, final note, what did you think of this post? Got any budget-friendly ideas of your own? Do share with me in the comments and let’s connect. 😉



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*dash- Nigerian slang for “gift” (the verb).

18 thoughts on “10 Budget-Friendly Activities for the Holiday Season

  1. You’re such a fun writer. I really enjoyed reading this. Lol. These points are really budget friendly. Isn’t it just sad that most of my friends don’t stay around? I’d not dwell on thst. I’m going to be resting mehm and trying out new stuff in the kitchen. Lol. I’m lazier at DIY and your harmattan is here oh, comman carry it.
    Life Lately


    1. Aww… You’re so kind Laitan. Thank you!
      Lol. Where are you based? You pipu should give us our Harmattan oh. Yes! @ trying new stuff In he kitchen. That’s another fun activity, thanks for the idea. Sorry about your friends dear. Thank God for video calls


  2. Compliment of the season. Thanks for all the tips. With the current exchange rate this is a good one. Maybe I’ll just stick to Freedom Park. I hear they have alot of activities lined up for the season. How was your visit there? Hope u had fun….im not really a blog person but nice write-up.


    1. Thank you Aniefiok! Glad you found the tips helpful. Hope you’ve subscribed for more tips. 😉
      Freedom park was great! I heard too @ activities. Will probably be visiting again this season. 🙂


  3. These are great ideas! I love them all! Free is definitely best 🙂


  4. Wonderful ideas my dear
    I attend christmas carol nights,now have got new ideas
    I love this post



    1. Thanks dear! glad you liked the post. Hope you enjoy exploring the new ideas. 😉


  5. Great post, Moji! Pictures are so inviting, too. 🙂


    1. Thank you Michelle. 🙂


  6. I love tip #7! Hopefully, we will get a big snowstorm where I can cuddle up and just read. Of course, with my brand new mug from a Christmas mug exchange. Great ideas!


    1. Thank you Kristy! Oh my, what’s a Christmas mug exchange? Sounds interesting and I’m already thinking of other possible things to exchange. Books? Thank you for your comment.


  7. The Graceful Grind December 12, 2016 — 7:55 pm

    Great suggestions! There are a few spots in my city that I’ve wanted to check out. I just may go , after I take a nap:)


    1. Hahaha! That nap is necessary. Hope you have fun checking those spots out. ☺
      Thanks for your comment!


  8. The war of art Moji!!! Anyways, always on point with your posts. Who says you have to break the bank to have fun. My plans for this Christmas however, involve my bed. Got to conserve my energy for intense job hunting next year. Compliments of the season.


    1. Babe!!! The War of Art is a real book oh. By Steven Pressfield. Awesome book. Forgot to include his name. Will edit now. Awww….good luck with the job hunting. And compliments of the season too. I plan to spend one day in and one day out this season. So help me God (in form of cab fare, that is ;)).
      Thanks for your comment hun.


  9. Tnx a lot for sharing moji, dese are fun nd budget friendly activities. I hope to engage in some of dem. U’re d best
    I co-ask where’s d harmattan biko? Rain has fallen twice ere in December still no harmattan 😦 nawa for climate change o


    1. You’re welcome babes . Hope you enjoy the activities. I wonder for this climate too oh. Thanks for your comment.


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