Taking Stock Two


Hey darlings!

I just realised that I haven’t “taken stock” in the past month and I’ve so missed it. I really should get me a blog planner TBH. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Loving: Rosegold. The colour is just everything and a little more. I’m surprised that I only just recently began paying attention it.

Excited: about the holidays!!! Time off work and all the fun. I plan to go out a lot (as much as my cab fare budget permits me) so please drop me a link if you know any “happening” places in Lagos. Also excited about a new project I’m working on. You know when you’re so passionate about something that it keeps you up all night? I love that feeling! Seriously can’t wait to share what it is with you guys.

Wondering: what’s happening to my previously dashboard stomach. Eating late, I suppose? meh.

Feeling: very proud of myself. I have been skipping at least three times a week for the past two months and currently on 920 skips. *high fives self*

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Playing: Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t stop the feeling” on repeat, especially on mornings when I need a little pick me up. Not a coffee person so girls gotta improvise :D.  Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge the dopeness that is Mr Eazi’s Skin Tight?  I have a feeling that man is going to do very well for himself in 2017.

Realising: that I have way too many black shoes and need some color in that department. Ideas, anyone? Of course, rosegold is top priority.

Wanting: to learn how to make wigs. Because, hair styling rates these days, ehn…. 😠

Eating: Brown rice. Four times a week. Because I don’t eat white rice. Or pasta. Or dairy products. Gist for another day.

Hoping: to find time to get back to my French classes on Duolingo – an app that let’s you learn foreign languages for free. You can download it free from your App store or Google play store.

Wasting: time on social media. I have realised that “scrolling” is becoming an addiction and my attention span is just pitiful. I think should go on an internet holiday for a while. The thought of that actually just made my heart skip BTW.

Reading: Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”. If three pages per week count as reading, that is. At this rate, I think it may be the end of 2019 before I’m done reading it. SMH for me.

Watching: “How to get away with murder” and I’m feeling all the feels, guys. Although a part of me feels the past two seasons were better but maybe I’m just getting used to their plot twists. Also, I recently saw Dr Strange and here’s what I thought of it.

Needing: to get better at time management. Finding time for my blog in between work and other engagements has been quite a hassle. I want to do more than posting once a week for this blog, mehn. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just lazy ’cause there are people who work harder than I do and still manage to have a social life and a thriving blog. There are, right? Sigh.

Enjoying: words, poetry and other such blessings. I have also been exploring quotes on pinterest and the things that people come up with….OMG. Hope you like these:

Feeling: all over the place. Little bits of many different feelings that I can’t even describe. pfft.

Knowing: that I am worthy of a big life and anything less won’t do. We all are. Determined to do all it takes to live my best life.

Wishing: for a new laptop. I carelessly spilled water into my laptop and I can’t cry or sulk because I know it’s 100% my fault. Lol. Also, wish to travel somewhere before the year ends. The wanderlust bugs are biting seriously.

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Making: plans and plans and plans – new year plans, content plans, career plans. I like to plan. Unfortunately I am not as awesome at executing but I “plan” to get better at that too. Lol.

Thinking: of how the first person to write a “taking stock” post came about it and how it spread this much. I am too lazy to Google it so I’ll just leave it here like this.

Learning: that all that glitters is not gold a la Toke Makinwa’s “Becoming” and we should never compare our lives to anyone else’.

Your turn guys, what have you been up to? How has your 2016 been?

Do share with me in the comments and let’s connect? 😉



Oh, and here’s a recap November’s Posts.

3 thoughts on “Taking Stock Two

  1. Definitely not! Am glued to your blog.bAdded it to my reader last week. I meant all the best in reaching your goals. Looking forward to your next post.


  2. Ditto on the French lessons on Duolingo. Am taking Spanish too because they’re somewhat similar and I need to be more committed too☺️. Ditto also on the hair situation, currently rocking Diy crochet kinky twists courtesy of my first ever self made kinky twists extensions with a little help from a friend of course. Cheaper that way o… And I totally get your knowing that you are meant for bigger things. I have become fed up with mediocrity and monotonous routines. Our lives should be more than going through the motions. I have been dreaming of exercising for a while now, but alas even though I bought a skipping rope and some exercise outfit the only exercise I have gotten has been in My head so far… . Wonderful post as always I should probably do something similar as it helps to measure growth and progress. All the best dear.


    1. Really??? @spanish and French at the same time. You go Girrrl!
      Yes to zero mediocrity dear, let’s live our best lives! Lol @exercising in your mind . That’s a good place to start. Skipping can be fun though and starting small really helps. I started at 200 and kept adding 50 every two days or so till I got to 900+. The more you do it, the more you’ll see it’s doable. Would have recommended motivating yourself with cute exercise outfits but you’ve been there and done that. Lol. Thanks for you comment dear. Enjoyed reading it. Wish you all the best too :).PS: something about that last sentence made it seem like this was going to be your last time on the blog. Please tell me it’s not gonna be. Lol.


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