Budget Finds: The 5k Shop


Hey Loves, the inspiration to write this post came from a conversation I recently had with a friend. We were discussing affordable Nigerian fashion stores and as I offhandedly mentioned The5kShop, I noticed she was lost. I kid you not, was flabberwhelmed and overghasted! (PS: just learnt that phrase and I’m so loving it. Hehehe)

Anyway, here I was thinking almost everyone knew about The 5k Shoppp! It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t even share it on the blog since. Lesson learnt guys, no more assumptions for me.

If you love looking good on a budget, The 5k Shop is one brand that should definitely be on your budget-conscious radar, because 5K and good quality!

As the name implies, The 5k Shop is a Nigerian online store that sells all fashion pieces 5k and under. Exciting, yes?

They stock both branded products and their own label, and they have practically everything: Shoes, clothes, bags, sunglasses, accessories, even make up! For me, their quilted ankara print bags are just swoon-worthy. And don’t get me started on their duster jackets and Fela dresses. Lemme just stop bantering and show you my favourite pieces from the store.


Warning: Before you go on to check them out, please set a mental spending limit so you don’t go bankrupt. Lol. Seriously, though they have a loads of lovely stuff.

Like what you see? You can follow The5kShop on Instagram here and visit their website here. They have great reviews on Instagram and are one brand I’d absolutely want to work with. From my observation, they post their nicest stuff on their instagram page so if you’d like to fast track your selection process, go on there and select your favourites and then go search for your preferred pieces on the website. You might also want to turn on Instagram notifications for their posts because their items sell out really fast!

Ever shopped from The5KShop? Do be a dear and share your experience with us 😘😉.

New to the “budget finds” party? Where ya been babes???? Click here to catch up. 😉

Know any budget-friendly brand or product that will fit into this category? Do email me at moji@howmojistyledit.com. Let’s build a community of helpful and loving style-on-a-budget lovers :). If you’d like your brand to be featured here, you can also email me at moji@howmojistyledit.com. It’s free. For now ;). Please (kindly) note that I decide what will be featured and I’ll only be featuring brands I deem fit for my blog aesthetic and that I consider useful to my readers



4 thoughts on “Budget Finds: The 5k Shop

  1. The 5k shop really has beautiful pieces to offer. I’m actually a fashion designer and I swore to creating pieces that are budget-friendly, i shud send u a mail soon on dat feature, thanks in advance :*


    1. Hey MzJolaade, that’s so cool @ budget friendly pieces. I’ll be waiting on that email. Thanks for your comment dear.


  2. I’m also flabberwhelmed and over…whatever. I’ve never heard of this. I was just thinking of getting a new bag when I saw this in my mail. Will definitely check them out. Thanks, Moji! You’re a lifesaver.


    1. Loool….glad to see my new phrase Is catching on gradually. It was my pleasure dear, glad you’ve found the post helpful. Thanks for stopping by!


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