With Love From My Sisters


Hey sweethearts!

I feel so mushy mushy today and I’m so happy to be gisting with you guys! Don’t ask. I can’t explaineeet either! Lol.

Anyway, How’re y’all doing?

I’m at the hairstylist’s and thought to share this look real quick which came together totally unplanned. I asked my little sister (who is a fashion designer in the making) to make me an offshoulder top with ankara fabric and while I was trying it on, I also happened to be trying out a pair of white shoes which were also a gift from her. (PS: White shoes are the cutest things!) My other sister loving the resulting look, whipped out her phone and instructed me (rolls eyes) to pose for pictures. And voilà! Blog post. Lol. It was really fun. I love those girls!

Sometimes, the best outfits are those you didn’t plan. Amiright?
Now that I have this look in the can, I’m so looking for where to rock it as my social life these days is just zero! 😞
Hoping to make up for all of that during the christmas holidays though. Speaking of which, how are you guys preparing??? No pressures, okay?

Take care Loves, while I go back to praying fervently that my hair turns out lovely. I’m experiencing that mini heart attack when you’re trying a new hairstylist for the first time. 😀 Will share the outcome on my IG so follow me @howmojistyledit. 😉

Don’t forget to leave me a comment on what you think of my outfit and also subscribe to my blogggg.😘

If you’d like to order your custom made off shoulder top like mine, please send me a DM on IG here.


how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-1how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-4how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-6 how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-7 how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-3 how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-2 how-moji-styled-it-with-love-from-my-sisters-5

*Psst*, Over here! Check Out Some Off-Shoulder Goodness! 😀

I styled it for work here and here.

For a party here.

Also shared my thoughts on the trend here.

This thing is steady becoming an obsession. Lol.


3 thoughts on “With Love From My Sisters

  1. Uhhhhhhh. I’m blushing aiidy.. much love sis..


  2. I love this look. I didn’t realise how cute white shoes were till now. Your sisters are cool oh. If only I had a sister that could sew…
    Laitanbee Blog


    1. Thanks Olaitan. My sisters would be so glad to hear that you think they’re cool. 😉


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