Outfit || How To Window-Shop Like A Boss

9.jpgThis post makes me want to chuckle, but I shan’t, ’cause this is serious business right here.

*chuckles anyway*

So the other day, I was at the mall, doing what I do best…..window shopping! Okay, that was a lie, there are a couple of things I do better than window shopping. Like eating. But for the sake of this post, let’s just go with the flow :D.

Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me that window shopping was an art. Or is it a science? Whatever! My point is, some people (like my sister) would never go window shopping even if you paid them to do it. Not because they don’t want to, but I’m guessing it’s because they don’t know how to and they also feel like everyone in the store (especially the attendants) can tell that they are not going to buy anything and hence would give them derogatory stares.

I’m of the opinion that there is nothing wrong, whatsoever with window-shopping.  Especially when you are just trying to pass time (while waiting for your movie) or you are trying to compare prices (which is a very familiar territory for a city chic on a budget). All I’m saying is, if you get any of the afore-mentioned stares while window shopping, you are not doing it right and that’s why you need this article.

So here goes my top 4 window shopping tips:

1. Dress Well

I don’t know how window shopping is done in other countries, but here in Lagos, Nigeria, going into a store looking drab or unkempt inspires the shop attendant not to treat you well. Unless you are going into the store to actually buy something, I advice that you look reasonably put together. Quick tip: Wearing a pair of cool sunglasses gives off just the right amount of I’m-here-to-shell-the-big-bucks vibe. Just make sure the sunglasses don’t look cheap. You’re welcome ;).

2. Walk Confidently

You are the only one who knows you are just window shopping. No one else does, therefore there is no need to give away your intention by walking/acting small and guilty. Waltz into that store like you have enough money in your purse to buy every single thing they have. In other words, walk in LIKE A BOSS ;)!

3. Ask for the Impossible

This works best when you are window shopping in a small boutique or store, especially if you are the only customer at that point in time. It means that the shop attendant would be focused on servicing you and hence there is no escape route. You either buy something or get “the stare”. But I say fear not. Walk confidently into that store, looking fab and after you have looked around and the shop attendant says “how may I help you?”, reply by saying “do you have that handbag, in hunter green (or any other impossibly impossible colour)?”. Of course he/she would say no and you would reply “Aww, pity I really need it in hunter green” and walk out with the same dose of glamour with which you walked in. Do not, I repeat, do not linger after “asking for the impossible” otherwise your true intention will reveal itself. Remember that stare we were avoiding? This is the part where it comes with an extra dose.

 PS: Please, I’m begging you; make sure that you have given the store a once-over and you are sure that the colour/size you are asking for is not only impossible to have, but most importantly, they don’t actually have it. Lol.

4. Come Out Clean

“Oh, I’m only looking around” is totally in order when a shop attendant asks how they may help you. This is my favourite windowshopping tip, although it’s not nearly as much fun as “asking for the impossible”. But hey, whatever rocks your boat ;).

Disclaimer: Never go windowshopping with cash to spare; unless you have the self discipline to stick to your guns. Many-a-useless fashion piece off mine were acquired in that manner.

About the Outfit


I did this shoot sometime last year but I just never got around to posting it. Now seemed like a perfect time because I consider it a “chilled” weekend outfit. Which is usually when we  do most of our (window) shopping, right? Hope you guys like it :).

BTW, meet my favourite sneakers in my favourite (for now) colour; it’s another less-than-3k PEP store purchase like the one in this post. It’s almost three years old and still looks just as perfect as the day I bought it. This affordable-fashion life is sweet sha. 😀

Your thoughts on my outfit? Would you wear it on a weekend hangout?

I want my big hair baaaaaack!!!!



Phew! I really had fun writing this post as various scenes of my window-shopping escapades flashed through my mind. I hope you enjoyed reading it too. Would be awesome to share your thoughts and comments. And you know what would be super awesome? Sharing this on your favourite social media platforms!

*Kisses* as I look forward to reading about your funny window-shopping moments in the comments. 🙂




10 thoughts on “Outfit || How To Window-Shop Like A Boss

  1. Berry Dakara April 8, 2016 / 8:03 pm

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ “Do you have the bag in hunter green?” The day they answer yes nko?


    • Moji April 8, 2016 / 8:08 pm

      Lol…that’s why I said “give the store a once over” nah, before you ask for the impossible 😉


    • Moji April 8, 2016 / 6:10 pm

      Thank you 😘😘☺


  2. Tokoni Larry April 8, 2016 / 6:28 am

    Great tip Moji, i have actually never used tip 3. Sometimes i see some pieces that make me want to hang around a bit then the voice tells me “girrrrllll, ur broke”.


    • Moji April 8, 2016 / 8:36 am

      Thanks dear. Oh, you should try it sometime, it’ll be fun 😉. Lol@the voice. Can be annoying to like something so much and not be able to afford it immediately😥.


  3. jul1992 April 7, 2016 / 7:49 am

    Wow, I really like your outfit.
    Especially these sneakers are quite cute! 😀
    Are they comfy enough to wear them sans socks?


    • Moji April 7, 2016 / 8:22 am

      Thank you! Yes they’re super comfy. I removed the inner pads to give my feet my room and I’ve haven’t had any problems with them ever since. In fact I think they are more comfy without socks. Thanks for your comment ☺.


  4. Lydia's Chronicle April 6, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    I love your outfit!
    Window shopping is fun sometimes and punishing at other times(especially when broke), but hey nice tips anyway!


    • Moji April 6, 2016 / 3:25 pm

      Thanks Lydia! Glad you like it! I knowww….it’s almost like you see all the nicest things when you are broke :(. Appreciate your comment dear 😘.

      Liked by 1 person

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