Happy Val’s day!


Hey you…

This is to inform you that I’ve got mad love for you for being here. And also show off my lovely ‘red heart’. But the former is priority :).

This outfit was what I initially planned to wear for my “Valentine’s day Outfit Inspiration” post when I thought the red dress wasn’t going to come through. But thankfully, my red dress arrived at the last minute. In case you missed it, check out my last post to see me “Drippin’ in red” (not blood tho, lol). *Shaking my head at my dry attempt at humor*

Has anyone else noticed that this outfit kinda looks like a dress but it’s really just a top tucked in a skirt? Okay, cool.

I made myself promise not to talk too much in this post because you know, Valentine’s day should be less talking more loving. So, go get (and also give) some loving people! But before you leave, please remember to follow me on Instagram here and also subscribe to my blog via email to always be in the know when a new post drops. Thank you guys!

How are you spending Valentine’s day and what do you think of my outfit? Do leave me a comment below. It sure would make me feel loved :).

PS: The heart-shaped prop is from Ruby and Desy. They design really pretty things for you and your home. You can check them out and follow them on Instagram here.

Love always,



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