Outfit X 6 Style Staples to Buy on Black Friday


Hi guys, this was initially supposed to be a short outfit post but while I was editing the photos, it occurred to me that every single piece I was wearing were stuff I considered wardrobe staples and with Black Friday sales approaching, I figured, what better time to shop them?

 Plus, I’d always wanted to do a pre-Black Friday shopping guide post but I was feeling a bit uninspired (and lazy); thankfully this outfit jolted me with just enough inspiration. So basically, this is just me dissecting my outfit and suggesting you buy similar pieces on black Friday just so you can all be as cool as me. Hahaha…just kidding. They are all high-impact pieces that’d do any wardrobe good. 🙂wpid-psx_20151120_152227.jpg

1. The Cool Graphic Tee

Can you think of any style item that is as cool and yet as adaptable as the graphic tee? It is one of those few items that you can pair with almost any bottom and almost any pair of shoes and still look super cool and stylish (remember this post?). Really, think about it. You can wear it with a maxi skirt, a pencil skirt, mom jeans, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, heels, sneakers, basic black jeans, with a biker jacket, a blazer, a vest, practically everything! Talk about something being versatile. And in case you think your style is too conservative and you can’t possibly rock a graphic tee, think again ’cause you can opt for subtle graphic prints. In case you also think you cant wear it to work, well doesn’t my outfit just prove you wrong? Simply opt for a more structured and less slouchy tee and you have a work-appropriate graphic tee.



2. The Ultimate Metallic Watch

Just like my handbags (and many other things in my wardrobe), I rock my watches till they practically fall apart. So I make it a point of duty to always buy only the best quality I can afford even if it means buying only one. Better one great one than many wack ones, feel me? The one in this post is from Swatch (and it was a gift), and as you’ve probably seen from my previous posts, I wear it every time and with everything and this baby ain’t going anywhere soon. BTW, Something about boys watches just get me drooling; I love the tough edginess it adds to any outfit…but that’s just me. You can get yours in a feminine design if that’s what you prefer. Even though I think the masculine ones are waayyy cooler :p. Remember to buy from a store (on or offline) you trust to sell only good quality.


3. The Sexy Red Lippy

Think of the red lipstick as a confidence booster and your ticket to badass sexiness. I feel powerful, sexy and uber feminine when my lips are painted red. For this post, I’m wearing Milani Best Red which cost about N1,500 on a normal day. My fav red lippy is actually the MAC Ruby Woo, but one look at my make up budget the other day and I knew I couldn’t use money that could buy three different lipsticks to buy only one. Red is red abeg and this one is actually quite lovely and lasts almost the entire day. (PS: Jordana has some just-as-lovely alternatives and they cost between N500-N1000 depending on where you buy them)

4. The Perfect Black Pencil Skirt

It’s your work wardrobe partner-in-style. And it can do a whole lot more than being just a work wear piece if styled properly. Anatomy of the perfect black pencil skirt according to me: figure hugging, slightly midi and high waisted with just enough stretch to keep it clinging to my body for help without exactly suffocating me. Haha. Before you add a black pencil skirt to your online shopping cart, please remember that we laid emphasis on the word “perfect” and maybe have a rethink about buying it online. Not that I don’t think you can get a good one online but, but I beleive the black pencil skirt is one of those pieces for which you don’t want to compromise fit. It has to fit like a glove and anything less could look tacky. Plus, the fact that it’s so close to your skin means scratchy, uncomfortable fabric is a no no. These are things you may not be able to determine if you are buying online. Better to have a physical feel and a fitting before shelling the bucks.


5. The Classic Black Pumps

I call these the make-everything-right shoes. Perfect for work, church, dates, events, etc. Wear with even the most basic of outfits and look instantly stylish and put-together. I insist on buying the most comfortable pair I can find so the same rules apply for me about buying online. Plus, pumps look different on different feet and although you see one that looks oh-so gorgeous online, it may not look as good on your feet. I should know, I’ve got slightly wide feet and shoes that’d look perfect on slim feet sometimes look funny on mine and can be hella uncomfortable. Comfort for me, is the ultimate form of style.


6. The Basic Black Bag

My mom always says “buy it in black first” about everything regarding fashion and style and I actually do agree with her. You cant go wrong with the basic black bag with any outfit. It is nice to be risqué with your style sometimes but I think a few simple, safe, stress free pieces in your wardrobe would do a whole lot of good. Other surprisingly versatile colours are brown and burgundy (my current favourite colour)


With fashion items being so ridiculously cheap (hopefully) on black Friday, it is easy to rationalise buying things you don’t really need.  As a rule, if you can’t picture styling it with at least three existing items in your wardrobe, don’t buy it or you’d just be wasting your money buying things you’d never wear. And remember to buy basics first then fillers after. Smart shopping for the win!


So guys, what did I miss? Let’s talk about it in the comments section. Already have all of these items in your wardrobe? Congratulations style star, you just earned yourself the HMSI Certificate of Coolness. It’s invisible but valuable. 🙂 See you in the comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



Photography: Chuks Ademu (@chuxontop)

2 thoughts on “Outfit X 6 Style Staples to Buy on Black Friday

  1. ashaby November 24, 2015 / 9:24 am

    Hello! nice combo! well, I have a question, would this outfit look as good as when the heels are substituted for flats because not everyone likes heels and also flats are more comfortable for me. Great post by the way!


    • Moji November 24, 2015 / 3:41 pm

      Hello Ashaby, thanks for your comment….I knowww, heels can be such a pain. That’s why I always carry extra comfortable flat sandals in my handbag whenever I wear them. Glad you like the post. I think the outfit would still look nice with flats but maybe not as nice. I think there is something particularly sexy and feminine about pairing a pencil skirt (or any skirt for that matter) with heels. Maybe try replacing the skirt with a pair of jeans since you are more of a “flats”person. Besides, some heels are really comfortable. Consider block heels or wedges? Thanks for stopping by Ashaby. Hope to see you again 🙂


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