Beautiful Africa


Happy holidays guys!
How ya spending the holidays? Hope you’re having fun. I am spending mine reading, evaluating my life, being very lazy and generally basking in all-round gratitude. Life always gives us something to be thankful for in spite of all our troubles and I have chosen to focus on those things in my life I’m thankful for.
I wore this outfit to work last Friday. Because, you know, Fridays are for laid-back cool style; my favourite kinda style :). It drizzled all day though and wearing those sneakers was actually a bad idea ’cause it got kinda wet gave me cold feet. Literally. Lol.

Plus, I practically had to hop around on the heels of my feet to avoid getting in a puddle and getting my shoes stained before I had the chance to shoot for the blog. I know…sacrifices right? Lol.
The oversized-ness of my Tee is giving me life. Oversized-ness is not a word BTW, but I pride myself in being quite the word inventor😆. Funny how I didn’t wear the Tee much until I came up with this pairing but I plan on rocking it to the moon and back from now on. Different jeans, different sneakers, different accessories. Yes to comfy style, people!








I like the overall African vibe my top and my Ghana braids (which I love) gave my outfit and I absolutely enjoyed wearing it. Who says no to strangers calling them “African Queen”? Hehehehe
Hope you guys like it too? Please let me know what you think in the comments section. And maybe share this post with your friends? I would really love that.
Before I forget, I got my shoes at a PEP store in Lagos for less than 2k. Yes, that inexpensive, and I have had it for over a year. So if you’re looking for affordable knock-around sneakers, maybe check them out? I hear they have stores all over Lagos and I have personally seen their stores at Ikeja, Isolo, Yaba and Surulere. I would have added a link to their online store but I didn’t quite understand how it works. You can simply do a Google search to find the nearest PEP store in your neighborhood.

Have an amazing weekend people.☺

Love always,

Photography: Chuks Ademu (@chuxontop)

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Africa

  1. Alli Oyinkansola Maryam February 14, 2016 / 11:54 am

    Wow im so impressed girl! Good job


    • Moji February 14, 2016 / 1:11 pm

      Hey you…been forever! Thanks dearie 😘


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